5 Year Drought Effects on Your Home Foundation

It is important to understand that the drought conditions that have plagued Dallas for the past 5 years (starting in 2011) can take a toll on landscape plants, lawns and crops. In addition to this, extended dry periods can also cause cracking or shifting in your home’s foundation. This can be a major problem for most homes in the Dallas – Fort Worth area.

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Effects of Drought on Home Foundations 

According to experts working in academia and foundation repair companies, you should also water the foundation of your home. This theory has even been backed by numerous environmental specialists and other experts from related industries.

Experts also believe that dry soil problems can be often slowed down by using a high quality soaker hose. This provides a consistent water source to your soil. However, it doesn’t cause any flooding. You should make sure the soil surrounding your home’s foundation is watered consistently.

When you want to achieve best results, you should place your soaker hose around the house’s perimeter. It should be placed about 8 to 18 inches away from your home’s foundation. Experts believe that shifting ground can often crack the foundations, especially during some serious drought conditions.

Damage occurred due to droughts can often show up as separations or cracks around windows and doors or even the brick veneer. Before you use a soaking hose, it’s important to properly inspect the exterior side of your home’s foundation. You need to look for existing cracks. All the cracks should be properly cleaned, and carefully filled with foundation waterproofing. This material is available in most lumber yards and hardware stores.

Due to the droughts in DFW, cracks may also appear in the cement slab of your garage or carport. In case you notice any cracks in your home’s carport area, you should assume that the cracks have spread further. In this case, consulting a Dallas foundation repair company will be your best choice.

Through a small crack in drywall or brick does not always mean there is a major problem, you should be alarmed if the cracks begin to form a gap or shift further. Foundation cracks can often result from the basic seesaw effect in the rainy or winter season. This is followed by drought-like conditions in the summer.

When the soil surrounding your home’s foundation is very wet, it can expand and lift the foundation. In case the soil becomes too dry, it contracts and the foundation may sink. Drainage in rainy months is very important. You should also keep the soil moist in the summer season. This reduces the impact of droughts on the foundation of your home.

The clay soil in Dallas can absorb lots of water. This can cause it to expand. When the water evaporates, clay soil can shrink and form cracks. These extend many feet further and damage the foundation.

Hire Professionals

In case you experience any such problems, it is important to consult a reputed and experienced foundation repair company. This makes sure your home’s foundation remains in prime condition and does not cause a loss in home value.