Slab Foundation Repair to Protect Your Investment

The Fundamentals of Slab Foundation Repair

slab foundation repair victoria txThe requirement for slab foundation leveling and repair service is regrettably, a common issue in the Dallas, TX location. In fact, some quote that there is more foundation repair work done in Texas each year than all the other states combined!

Beginning in the mid-1950’s the slab on grade foundation design has ended up being the standard for almost all residential structures in the area. A couple of custom contractors will set up basement designs with pier and beam internal supports, but that is the exception.

There are 3 kinds of basic slab designs; nevertheless, most builders today install the monolithic pour as the standard in our location. Newer homes can consist of prestressed concrete strategies in the design to increase the strength of the concrete and better control the separating of cracks. But don’t be misled by the age of your home– according to Customer Reports, about 14 % of brand-new homes have foundation concerns too!

Fractures and Gaps Are the Indications of Slab Foundation Settlement

Fractures will certainly appear at high anxiety points … search for these hints:

Visible cracks, especially seen in brick houses

Wall cracks typically noticed adjacent to windows and doors

Sloping or bouncy floors

Visible spaces or gaps between the floor and adjacent wall

Concrete floors with variable sized fractures

Reasons for Slab Foundation Failure

The engineering design of slab foundations is based on the distribution of the weight of the structure straight to the dirt underneath the foundation structure. The crucial reason numerous of the Victoria location foundations split and fail is the result of the soil below is or ends up being unstable. The soil moves laterally or vertically past the design specs causing unequal motion of the concrete foundation

Why does the dirt end up being so unstable?

Severe cycles of wetness: wet-dry cycles

Do you remember the Texas weather pattern in 2011? It was the year the Victoria area had its worst dry spell in recorded history, according to the U.S. Dry Spell Monitor. This trend has only increased in 2013 and 2014. As the dirt beneath the house dries and shrinkage occurs, gaps begin to form. The weight of the home is no longer supported and lots of homes throughout the State experienced serious foundation damage as a result.

The opposite condition occurs when the soil beneath or adjacent to the slab foundation ends up being filled with water. This triggers our expansive dirt’s to swell and heave which can also result in lateral and vertical movement of the foundation. High stress points and gaps are created resulting in foundation failure. See the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Standards for Piping Bursting report.

Excessive water can originate from different causes– leaks from plumbing (sewage and water drains), COOLING AND HEATING leaks, rainwater downspouts (usually the lack of them), and ponding. Water leakage detection and drainage management is the apparent answer to these usual problems. At Foundation Repair Pros Dallas, we make this concern the very first priority; we will identify the presence of these problems as part of our free, onsite assessment of your foundation.

Slab settlement can also happen in circumstances where the structure has actually been built on improperly compressed or poorly drained fill product. In either case, the slab foundation will certainly fail as the underlying dirt’s reduce and settle. The concrete cracks as it settles into deep spaces.

Residence Leveling and Repair for Slab Foundations.

Identification of the causes and locations of your slab foundation failure is the key to an effective repair process. Lots of choices are readily available, depending upon the site certain problems determined at your area. Potential repair service methods consist of the following:.


Steel Push or Resistance Piers

Pilings or Pushed Piers

Helical Piers

Concrete Pilings

Concrete Piers

Drilled Bell Piers

Each of the techniques has pros and cons depending on the unique situation found at each home. Foundation Repair Pros Dallas will certainly examine your situation very carefully and truthfully to suggest the very best and most cost effective solution to your foundation trouble. Our options are always based on verified, patented innovations, materials or systems to insure a solid solution.

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