Leveling a House – Everything You Need to Know

Leveling a House Basics

Leveling a house can become an issue whether you live in a brand new house or have been residing in the same home for years – the foundation of your home can shift once it’s done settling. And because not all homeowners are aware of this – sooner or later they find themselves with sinking floors in their homes.

Thankfully, leveling a house can be done through foundation repair.

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If you are looking to get your home’s foundation back in order – here’s everything you need to know about house leveling.

What Does Leveling A House Mean?

Fun fact: Did you know that a home that is need of a foundation repair can sink in multiple places? That’s seriously like everyone’s worst nightmare.

Thankfully, there’s such thing as leveling a house. This consists of a process where a home is lifted in order to return to its original state.

Unless you hire an expert, a process like this seems impossible. Think about it. How do you move a whole house without breaking mom’s fine china?

With the help of installation piers, braces, and important chemicals – the soil underneath your sagging, damaged flooring can be made stable via a foundation repair specialist.

What Can You Contribute To Shifts In Foundation?

There’s not necessarily anything you can do to prevent this. Causes like foundation erosion, poor drainage, and unstable soil conditions can all be contributing factors to a damaged foundation.

Water and soil can be the primary cause of this kind of damage. Tag teaming, these two can create such a powerful force that it causes walls, floors, and tiles to crack.

Additionally, a house that goes through uncontrolled heaving is bound to go through unwarranted shifts in their foundation. These kinds of shifts emphasize the structural problems associated with the house’s build.

How Would You Know Your House Needs To Be Leveled?

There are plenty of symptoms that can occur when foundation repair is required. Here’s what to look out for:

Have you noticed any cracks in the walls and/or floor tiles?

This is going to be a huge indicator that house leveling is going to be something you want to look into. Homeowners who have inquired about home leveling have first noticed various cracks in one and/or multiple places of their homes.

Are your doors shutting properly?

Of course, sometimes this could happen because of change in temperature, but if you find that your doors are failing to close properly and/or are sticking – this can be a sure sign that foundation repair should be done.

Looking To Fix Your Home Foundation? Let Us Help!

We understand that foundation repair might be an unexpected/unplanned repair, but avoiding it can only lead to even more costly damage. Here at Foundation Repair Pros San Antonio, we’re all about repairing your damaged/failing home foundation before it gets worse.

Don’t let the fear associated with home improvement costs prevent you from protecting your home. Take advantage of our 100% guaranteed financing and get your foundation restored with the perfect solution.