Announcing Dev Tips

Today, I’m happy to announce that this site is rebranding from »« to »Dev Tips« and expanding its niche and proposition.

Ever since its initial release, the intention of this site has been to support developers in building faster, more reliable, and more future-proof sites and applications. However, similar to our last relaunch, we’ve outgrown our name once again and planned to expand our niche from frontend-related development to software development in general in the near future.

For this, we primarily needed a new name. I’ve been on the hunt for a new name/domain for this site for quite some time but, of coure, all the good domain names are taken already. Even the new gTLDs like .blog, .dev, or .tips are kind of grazed when it comes to software development topics.

By pure coincidence I became aware that the domain (which I assessed several times in the past) finally expired and was up for auction. It kind of perfectly described what this site shall be about and thus decided to chip in.

Long story short, 13 bids later I won the auction for 326 USD. (A bargain compared to what others charged for aforementioned domains I inquired.)

But: this announcement is not about bragging. It’s simply about giving some insights on how such a rebranding can work out and that you should never give up looking for and observing taken domain names you like. And, of course, we’re hoping to give back to the developer community with this site without ruining it through ads and sponsorships.

I’m very much looking forward to the future of Dev Tips—we’re having huge plans. If you’d like to be a part of it, simply head over to our GitHub repository dev-tips/dev-tips, fork it, make your contributions, and send a pull request. Let’s see where this goes.