Change the author and committer of a Git commit

Git allows to set/change the name and email address of both the author and committer of a commits. This can be helpful if you need to commit someone else’s work.

The following command sets both the author and committer to a custom specified name and email address when creating a commit.

GIT_COMMITTER_NAME="Jane Doe" GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL="" git commit --author="Jane Doe <>" -m "Implement something"

In Git, there’s a distinction between the author and the committer of a commit. An author is the person who created the change while a committer is the person who applied that change.

For regular commits, this difference usually is non-existent and the same person, which is why the same name and email address is used above.

In real life, you would/should use your own name and email address for the committer role as you’re the person that persists/applies the work of someone else.