Consuming React contexts via custom hook instead of using »useContext«

If you want to have a sprinkle of syntactic sugar in your project and bring the simplicity of React hooks into your own logic, you can consume a React context using a custom hook.

All you need to do is implementing a custom hook that wraps the useContext call in it.

import { createContext, useContext } from 'react';

export const ThemeContext = createContext<Theme>('default');

export const useTheme = () => useContext(ThemeContext);

Now you don’t have to import useContext and ThemeContext anymore but only useTheme.

import { useTheme } from '../hooks';

const Demo: FC = ({ children }) => {
  const theme = useTheme();
  return <div style={{ color: theme.primary }}>{children}</div>;

This also allows you to wrap and abstract any custom logic on top of that (e.g. consuming different contexts conditionally based on a property of the custom hook), if required.